The project consortium reflects all the consolidated expertise and experience and the necessary stakeholders in the VET system and in the tourism and catering sector and consists of the following institutional categories:

VET tourism and catering schools
They are VET providers which offer long lasting and full time training programmes in tourism and catering. They are the main stakeholders in the ECVET level and aim to contribute with their training programmes, competences and learning outcomes definitions. They intend to test the feasibility of the processes of comparability and transferability of the ECVET model on their mobility programmes within the framework of Leonardo da Vinci and Learning Mobility programmes.
Training centres and VET providers
These organisations offer short term and updating training programmes in tourism and catering. They support with their competences the definition of the learning outcomes as well as the test implementation on the mobility programmes, the set up of a set of two workshops/peer learning activities per partner country in order to meet the needs of the stakeholders and VET practitioners involved and then support and guide them through the process of applying ECVET. They also aim to drive the set up of a blended learning scheme for the hosting companies’ mentors.
Enterprises in tourism and catering
The involved hotels and services providers contribute on one hand to the model developments with their experiences in corporate training programmes and on the other hand they guarantee for the feasibility and practical implementation of all developments and outputs. They practically plan to implement, as hosting organisations, the testing on the mobility programmes. They also aim to participate to the blended learning scheme for the hosting companies’ mentors in order to guide them through the process of applying ECVET.
Public bodies and decision makers
For them a model for transparency and mutual recognition of competences and learning outcomes is of a crucial importance for their role of decision makers in the further development and innovation of the VET systems. They are mainly Regional Authorities, i.e. National Reference Points for NQF; they have developed and are implementing, as part of their institutional activities, processes of training validation in the light of European indications on school training, non formal and informal learning.
Desserts and Champagne for meeting participants

Members of the consortium have been collected into two groups depending on the role each of them plays in the LEO quali-TC project.