Project added value

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The project is implemented in an European context considering the European priority and thematic approached such as “ECVET for transparency and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications”. The development of ECVET began in 2002 after the Copenhagen Process emphasizing the need for a credit transfer system for VET. LEO quali-TC is a project based on the concrete responses to the questions of developing ECVET in the European member States and corresponding to the 2009 EU Recommendations on the establishment of the European Credit system for VET. The project works in particular to realise an European area for Lifelong Learning in the Tourism & Catering sector.

The main output of the activities is the implementation and testing of the ECVET model for the sector, which is heavily needed all over Europe. The whole activities are implemented by regarding a strong European perspective which are reflected in all project outputs and results. The project aims to increase the knowledge of ECVET and its technical specifications and ensuring that the added value of ECVET is understood and perceived all over Europe.
The European added value of the project is also supporting all EU partners in identifying and agreeing on mobility phases and contents. It aims to provide guidelines to them to enter into a more in-depth dialogue and to be an instrument for quality assurance and quality improvement. The results are high quality mobility projects with better chances for recognition and transferability of learning outcomes. In practitioners’ view, this will contribute to a change in attitudes towards learning mobility and will lead to a better appreciation. In short, high quality mobility projects all over Europe are a very good promotion for mobility in general and for the idea of integrating standard mobility phases into training programmes in particular.